Jan McCanless

Author of the Beryl's Cove Mysteries.

Jan McCanless is a well-known author throughout North Carolina. Her list of publications and awards she has received would fill a good-sized volume by themselves. In addition to the Beryl’s Cove Mystery series and other books she is a freelance columnist for the Salisbury Post, a regular contributor to Senior Savvy, The Saturday Evening Post; Sophie Woman's Magazine, and a multitude of other periodicals. Read a current interview of Jan in Southern Writer


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Beryl's Cove

Who Killed The Weatherman

Steve and Suzanne Thomas

Beryl's Cove

The Doomed Diplomat

A Las Vegas adventure

Beryl's Cove

The Haunted Chapel

Ghost in Mariner's Chapel?

Beryl's Cove

Great Scott

At the races in Lexington

Stories of the South

Wyatt Earp, G.A.P. Pickle and Thoughts of Home

Jan McCanless's World

Beryl's Cove

Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man

Want to buy some Elvis memorabilia?

Beryl's Cove

Murder on the Mississippi

A Mississippi Cruise

Beryl's Cove

The Choir Loft Murders

Someone is killing choir members

Short Stories

Tire Patch Cookies are good for the Soul

Stories from the South

Beryl's Cove

Murder in Midair

An Exciting Plane Trip

Gregg E. Powell


A Children's Story


All Aboard for Murder

A Beryl's mystery

How to Book

The In$ and Out$ to Writing for Money

A guide for Writers

Beryl's Cove

Murder for the Profit

Rising Son Temple of Peace - spells trouble

A Christmas Mystery

Gold, Frankinsense and Murrrder

A Beryl' Cove Christmas Mystery

Father Jerome Mystery

The Opera House Murders

Jan's Newest Mystery

reminiscences & observations

Bizarre Brain Drippings from a Noted Sagitarian

And More Thoughts from Home


The Final Beryl's Cove Mystery

Murder on the Rocks


The ravenous alligator is the least of your worries

Murder at the Stateline Motel


Brain Drippings, Book Two

Laugh Out Loud, Funny Stuff

Beryl's Cove

The Mysterious Beryl's Cove

Buried Treasure

Children's Books

Being Me

New - For Children

Children's Books

This is My Mommy

New - For Children

Children's Books

Herbie and Butterbean

New - For Children


Vittles and Bon Mots, The Best of Both

A Cookbook from Jan!


Death in New Orleans

A Beryl's Cove mystery

More from Jan

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